I’m [not] ready!

I woke up this morning to watch my friend from high school run the LA marathon!  It was so frickin’ inspiring!  Not just him–but everyone else!  Dude, there was, like, 20k people running!

It all kinda made me remember that back in college I said I was gonna run one by the time I was 25.  Well, I’ll be 25 this coming Thursday…so, don’t think that’s gonna happen.

However, watching today’s event was so inspiring that it made me commit to running it next year!  I mean, hey, there were so many dedicated people who turned out in the rain and cold today!  And I also talked to some of my CrossFit buddies and a lot of them have run at least once before in the past.  I’m in pretty good shape.  I can do it.

I realized I’ve been waiting until I’m “ready.”  And, well, like most things, if I wait until I’m “ready” I’ll never ever do it! Which, then got me thinking about some of the other things I’ve been waiting to be “ready” for…like, for example, a relationship.  Yeah…that’s a big one.  But, one I should probably just admit that I’m completely unreadily ready for.  I’ll never EVER be ready for that shit!  And, I guess, I’m admitting that I’m ok with that.  I’m done fearfully avoiding and defiantly pushing away experiences in life.  I’m ok with the unknown and the uncontrolled…I guess I’ll have to leap and hope the Universe catches me.

Here I go Universe…I’m off into so many things I’m not yet comfortably ready to commit to…please catch me…help me to fall and trust my wings know how to fly…

So, I’m doing the LA marathon next year.  2012.  It’ll be nice…since it’ll be the last one before the world ends next year…hehe.




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