New Book, New Questions

I’m reading another intellectually stimulating philosophical science-themed book.  It’s called The God Gene by Dean Hamer.  I was almost on the fence about reading it, but it was in the used books section at Bodhi Tree Bookstore, so I figured that helped justify the purchase and then once I buy a book I have to read it.

This is what is floating  around in my brain right now: a whole bunch of biology-meets-spiritual psychology questions.

So, monoamines like serotonin and dopamine “determin the overall tone of the brain.”  (that’s from chapter 6 in the book.)  Wow…they are what physically make us feel, then?!  The biology and physiology behind feelings?  I’m feeling a whole bunch right now…which monoamine and which receptors are responsible right now at this very moment?  Could I–could anyone–figure out how to physiologically feel and/or control feelings/emotions?

It’s all a bunch of questions right now…a bunch of feelings and reactions and interpretations.  All caused by whatever levels of serotonin and dopamine are firing across the neural pathways of my brain and which receptors are picking them up and processing them and the speed at which all of this is taking place.  Right now.  As I type these words.

Amazing.  Biology is amazing.  Biology can be spirituality.  How can it not be?  How can one separate the two?  I can’t.  I’ve NEVER been able to.  And right now I am sooooooo glad that I feel very much justified in never having to ever again.  It’s quite liberating.  Liberation attached to a certain sense of requirement…requirement to learn all I can about myself, my body, my mind, my surroundings, my world, my universe, my relationships, my health in order to fully praise whatever that force/being/energy is behind all of this biological spirituality and spiritual biology with which I’m really connecting right now.


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