every conversation has an arc


Report · 10:11pm
Me: wow. that’s impressive

Report · 10:12pm
old semi-friend: it works out good for the both of us, i dont think either of us were really the marring type and both felt kinda trapped
so this kinda freed us both up

Report · 10:12pm
but how impressive that you found a way to make it work!

Report · 10:13pm
yeah we still fight but just about the normaly shit

Report · 10:13pm
fighting is good. it’s healthy

Report · 10:14pm
and we are always looking new ways to have fun

Report · 10:14pm
my guy won’t fight with me. that makes me feel like he’s not really into me. like he doesn’t really care enough

Report · 10:14pm
that sucks hun, i know the feeling

Report · 10:15pm
yeah. he’s not really into me. but I stick with him b/c I like arrogance
he’s not my bf. told him I didn’t want one.

Report · 10:16pm
just want a good fuck buddy

Report · 10:16pm
thought I did. but when a fuck buddy lasts longer than 8months, it’s time to get rid of him or transition it
in my book anyway

Report · 10:16pm
but now that he never fights or acts like he doesnt care it kinda sucks
well you have to ask yourself now what you really want out of it. do you want some cock to fuck or do you want someone to kiss and hold you in addition to the fuckin

Report · 10:27pm
hey it was good to talk to you, and please feel free to contunie this some oter time that we are both on here. Or if ya need someone you can just bull shit with about this shit, please feel free.

Report · 10:31am
hows work today

Report · 10:31am
oh, I’m skipping it again
I skipped it yesterday
I mean, I already quit that job
I’m just not showind up for my last week
b/c I slept too long yesterday and avoided their calls
god, that’s so not me!
and now I’m scared to go in there and realize that I never have to

Report · 10:32am
lol, your turnin to the dark side

Report · 10:33am
yeah…I think I was always there
I just keep it hidden for long periods of time
like, it goes dormant
kind of like herpes
yeah, I’m like herpes

Report · 10:33am
[name] is herpes

Report · 10:35am
IS not HAS…keep that in mind…

Report · 10:36am
lol, yes i will remember

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