Yeah–that’s what this is.

“If what we do and feel today is not in harmony with what we want to be tomorrow, the meeting with our hope at the end of the trail is likely to be embarrassing or even hostile. Thus it often happens that a man slays his hope even as he battles for it.”
—Eric Hoffer

I read this tonight

and it haunted

and baffled me to no end

and I felt it pierce me like a needle

and then felt it move in

and out of me like a stitch

and now I want to rip it our while the threading is loose.

It doesn’t make sense

but it does.

I feel it’s truth

because I feel it–

I feel it hurt me

and that way I know it’s true

because I feel pain

and pain doesn’t lie

pain is truthful always.

It is the most honest feeling I have

that’s when I know love is real.

Only after it has gone

and I feel that it was true love

because it hurts with the pain of truth.


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