No June Gloom!

June started with no June Gloom!  It was a good day today!

I started off with 2 PRs in CrossFit this AM!!!  (:  And that prompted me to just get to it with the goal-setting.  This is one of MANY reasons I LOVE crossfit!

So, I’m back to my monthly goals!!!  (:

CrossFit-y ones: 1)  deadlift 235 lbs.  easy, got this.  no PROB!  2) run a mile in 7minutes or less!  3) *this one is for the entire summer and that is to get a mother-effin muscle up!  I’ll be sure to write those on the monthly goals board at CrossFit Hollywood tomorrow morning!  (:

*this post is gonna be filled with a lot of smiley-faces…just deal.

Career goals: 1) book a commercial.  2) book another indie film–short or feature–just needing to get more work–I crave it.  3) start stunt classes (I am auditing my first this Sunday and plan to sign up for classes the weekend after I get back from my brother’s wedding!)

Being-an-adult goals:  GET MY OWN CELL (iphone ?) PHONE AND WIRELESS PLAN w/LA PHONE NUMBER SO I AM FINALLY OFF OF MY PARENTS’ PLAN!  *I got this 😉  I’m on it

Creative goals/”me” goals: 1)start writing my novel…say wha??????!!!!!  yes, that’s write, you heard me!  I WILL start this on the plane back to Iowa next week and keep myself accountable the entire time I’m there because I know I’ll get bored like I always do!  (maybe next month it’ll be a screenplay…hehe!)  2)  do that thing that scares me the most that I know I needs must do and that is itching scrathing at me and breathing heavily on me and won’t leave my head or heart or soul or essence or being and keeps getting heavier and heavier and needs release and will feel maybe not good or bad but will feel RELEASE and COURAGEOUS…I can feel it coming.  It’s coming.  My vulnerable strength is oh-so there for me.  I will jump off of the biggest cliff and learn to fly or be caught by the Love that is the Universe



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