Movie Star Dream

I’ve been meaning to write this all day, but I keep forgetting.  So, now, before I go to bed, I FINALLY am getting to it.

I had the most interesting of dreams last night.  It was not any more interesting than most of my dreams content-wise.  But, what makes this one so striking is how vivid it was and how I can seem to remember just about ALL of it!  And the most interesting thing about it was how SIMPLE it was.  Most of my dreams are immensely complex.

I had a dream last night that I was in a movie that was one of those artsy films with no linear plot…where the plot is irrelevant and the characters and relationships and symbols and images are what matter.

I was in this artsy film, that appeared to be silent, but was not.  It just had not a lot of dialogue.  And the dream was only one day on the set.  It was on the beach and in a beach house in a Malibu-y setting.

I was starring in this film with Marilyn Monroe (late in her career/life), Elizabeth Taylor (post-Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor), and Lucille Ball (first season I Love Lucy Lucille) and it was directed by a very young Burt Reynolds.

I didn’t get the feeling that this filming was taking place in a different era.  It all felt very present.  I remember the feeling of us all getting along so well and things working so smoothly and seamlessly and laughter and tears and vulnerability and no egos.  I felt a sense of sisterhood with these women…and a sense of mutual respect and love for and from them.

It was one of the most calming dreams of my life.  LIke and anti-nightmare.  I’ve had good dreams before, but those are usually still high energy like nightmares are just in a positive energy.  This dream last night felt very different and very new as well as very vivid.

It felt like a deep breath.  I’ve had it at the forefront of my consciousness all day long.  I don’t want to let go of it.  But, I don’t really have an attachment to it either…because there really wasn’t much to it.

I’m most certain there is a message in it.  That is why I have written it down here so that I can come back and read it in a few months and see what I can glean from it b/c I think that is how you get your messages out of dreams.

…oh, and then the dream transitioned into my high school…only after its renovation that took place after I graduated…and my dad was there in the hallway and I was walking to he classroom to meet him and saw some of the other teachers there and then I met up with him as he was walking out of the gym where a pep rally was taking place but the beach scene from earlier in the dream was still in the background behind me as he approached and the gym of my high school was in his background.  It still felt all movie-symbolic and I don’t know if we hugged or if it was just the feeling of wanting it to be a hug when I woke up…because that is when I woke up.


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  1. WOAH! I like it, I like it.

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