left to right then back again: repeat

The Latin word for ‘truth’ is verum and has the same origins as a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘to choose or to believe.’

Truth is relative.  It is a choice.  We choose what we believe.  Our beliefs form our worldview and our own perception of the ‘truth.’

Is there one universal truth?

Asked for centuries.  By us all.

Does it matter?

Say it does.  And say the answer is ‘yes.’  Yes, there is one universal truth–or yes, truth is universal…fixed.  Ok, you know that now…now what?  Does that enhance experience any?  Say you were one of those people who chose to believe all along that truth was universal.  You’re right.  Now what?  How does that affect reality?  Does it change anything.  Say, you were someone who never chose to believe that truth is universal.  How does that change your world?  Does it at all?  WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

Say, on the  flip side, that truth is not universal.  It is not fixed.  Ok, so now what?  Same as stated above.

I love philosophy.  I really really do.  I am also a very spiritually sensitive person.  I love theology and religion.  I also love questions better than I do answers…yet, at the same time I love to be right and to win and make everything a competition.  I yearn to be understood, yet I love being mysterious.  I like being smart, yet I know nothing.

But what’s the point of it all?  Is it all just for my own amusement?  I’m starting to believe so.

And I don’t have a problem with that.  In fact, I LOVE that!  It is all so much more beautiful in that light.

Nature, science, religion, art, sex, love, music, dance, space/the Universe, physics, mathematics, literature, debate, sports/fitness, competition, psychology, travel, history, paradox, mysticism, philosophy–it is all for my amusement.

At least, that is what I choose to believe…


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