I wanna write

I want to be a writer.

that has to be why I started this blog.

I want to share my inner Voice.  not just let it out, but share it.

I am so scared of it.  I am so VERY scared of it.  THat is why I have never done it.  that is why I have always feared I’ve been a bad writer.  I just have a fear of the things my most inner deepest self wants to do.

there are other things.  like falling in love.  singing.  dancing.  some others.

but, my inner being wants to share in creative outlets.  I’ve been acting trying that out.  my inner Voice is not feeling that to be enough outlet.

Here I am.  outletting, I guess.

but, I find that I am holding this Voice back.  editing it.  not allowing its full expression.  not trusting it.  not trusting me.  not fully living in love with myself.

I’m accessing these truths.  facing them.  confronting them.  dialoguing with them.  not giving them lectures.  but an actual communication.

this communication is an interesting thing.  the ultimate in self-learning.  It is a language-less communication.  it is an experiential communication.  things are happening without explanation.  intuitional and intuition-building.

great joy is being experienced.  that is the only translation I can derive from this communication.


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question marks & ellipses
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