how do I love thee…

WHy do people say ‘I love you’?

It seems to me that it is just another one of those “filler” phrases.  A stock statement in our culture for saying “I have an ambiguous and generalized form of appreciation and/or affection for you.”

I am reluctant to say it recently.  Mainly because I feel it is so overused that it has lost a majority of any meaning it could actually have.

I also feel like it is a filler because it allows someone an “out.”  I can tell you that I love you and feel better because I’ve said it so obviously you know and all is right within whatever relationship we may have.

“I love you” fills in for way too many things, also.  LIke, “goodbye.”  People use it as a filler for that all the time I’ve noticed.  “I love you” and “goodbye” are sooooooooooooo not the same thing!

Why do we feel the need to say “I love you” at the end of a phone call with a loved one?  It seems like it is said because it is expected…like tipping the valet.

I have come to almost hate the phrase because of its overuse and meaninglessness and use out-of-context.

So, I am telling my loved ones “I love you” less.  I don’t love them less.

I just really REALLY want to mean everything I say.  I want all things to be truth and filled with IT!

I’d much rather say “I love you” with my eyes–the windows to my soul–or with a smile or with a touch.

I’ve felt the I love yous from these things and it is a million times more powerful.  I’ve felt my non-verbal I love yous received each and every time with a million times more clarity.

The universal language of love is a wordless felt communication.  You know and FEEL when you love someone.  And you know and FEEL when you are loved.  The words are totally unnecessary and completely inadequate.

Please give me a hug or a smile or text me an inside joke to make me chuckle.

don’t seek my acknowledgment at your innactive verbal gesture.


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