lean on me

we all need somebody to lean on.

and what I’ve discovered is that someone usually needs another someone whom he or she can lean on.

it is hard to find to people solely leaning on one another.

I don’t know if I’ve ever done it.  I always have someone leaning on me that I cannot give the full weight of my own self to. yet, somehow, I always have someone else who in turn cannot do the same with me.

it is like one big circle.

and, you know, I actually think it may be better that way.  it keeps us all connected instead of closed off.

so, I let people lean on me.  and when their weight gets too much I lean on my one or two lean-to persons.

to whom do they turn?

is there someone at the top?

No, I don’t believe so.  this isn’t a heirarchy thing.  it can be circular.

I like to think that my lean-to people are more enlightened souls than I.  but, their lean-to people don’t have to necessarily fit MY criteria.

it all works out so well.  because we need each other.  we don’t just need each other in a way a child needs a parent or a lover needs his or her beloved.  it is so much more complexly simple than that.

In fact, is is so simple it needs no more explanation.  it just is.  our nature is communal.  we need each other for support and survival.  we need different things–all of us.  we each offer different things.

to close oneself off from others by thinking he or she only needs one person and that person only needs him or her is so isolating.

sometimes, I feel bad because those people who lean on me don’t see the side of me needing them the same way.  but, I’ve recently learned that I can’t make myself need something I don’t need–and I can’t make someone offer something that he or she cannot give.

thank you to my lean-tos



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