the artwork of my soul

Yesterday in my gestalt session, my therapist asked if I’d like to start doing some image work.

like, perhaps some guided image work.

she said the imagery I use is very vivid and distinct and could lead to moments of gestalt greater than the discoveries made when I simply talk all the time.

I feel she is correct.

my mental/spiritual imagery is VERY clear.  that is how my brain works.  I live a waking dream in my head all day each and every day.

I’ve very rarely ever shared the images in my head because I cannot replicate/duplicate them correctly.  what I usually translate to paper is too much of a bastardization of them–even more so than when I use words to describe them, I feel.  That’s why I use metaphor so often.  That’s why I LOVE metaphors.  I told my lover the other day when he used an analogy that it got me horny.  I wasn’t lying.  I was dead serious.  Because all of my communication ever is making analogies to the images of my soul that appear in my mind’s eye.

I wasn’t scared of the image work suggestion like I often am of any artistic endeavor that is or may may be proposed or suggested to me.

I wasn’t super enthusiastic either.  It was of feeling of comfort and right-ness.  LIke, yup–this feels good.  Like I knew it was coming all along.  It just felt so natural to say ok–like when someone asks you to hand them the salt at the table.  It took no more thought than that for me to say ‘yes.’

So, I’d like a scanner now.  Because it made me want to blog more images.



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