I’m starting a 30-day experiment today.  It is an experiment on myself.  Thirty straight days.  From today until Thanksgiving.  It will probably affect my body and my mind and perhaps my personality–or so I’ve read to be the case.  It could be interesting.  Just to see if I can do it.  And to see what–if anything–changes.

I really like change.  And I like experimenting on myself.  So, this is scary and fun.  I also like both of those things.

I’m also hesitant to say what this experiment is exactly because I know some people actually do read this and I don’t really want anyone’s opinions or feedback or input on it.  I just wan to do it.  And I am writing this because if I write it down and put it tangibly ‘out there’ then I will be more likely to stick to it even when it gets tough.

I think this is even tougher than when I did 30 days with no sugar whatsoever a year ago.  In fact, I now live a life with practically no sugar whatsoever.  So, that experiment lead to a lifestyle change.  Don’t know what this new possibly more drastic one may change, but change is DEFINITELY what I need!


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