Yay!  The internet that I use from someone else in the building is working for me this morning!  Looks like today is gonna be a good day!

Yesterday was Day 1.  And, surprisingly, went so much smoother and easier than I thought it would.  Hopefully today will be even better.  I felt so good in Crossfit this morning!  I feel good right now as I eat my post-workout breakfast and am about to do some laundry before work.  I slept well.  I was not hungry like I usually am yesterday or last night.

Things seem to be going well.  No complaints.  Life is my fruitbasket!  That’s how I feel today!

And with that, I would like to just leave this article that has had me thinking for a couple months.  Some interesting theories have formed from it.  It seems to be a conversation piece–and I ALWAYS love those types of blogs…


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