I need more practice writing.  Less time between posts on here.

I think I could be a writer.  Ha, I guess I am.  But, I think I could actually be good at it.

However, it is so not linear.  LIke, I do not know the path from ‘here’ to ‘there’ with this whole thing.  But, I’m just starting out here–with practice.

Writers read.  I read.  A lot.  A variety of a lot.

I have a voice.  A unique voice.  A voice that I guess people would like to hear.

Perhaps it needs to be more directional.  It needs more focus.  It needs more of a purpose.  Haha-oh wow, all of of those things I feel my life needs too–interesting…

So, that’s all I’m doing right now.  Practicing.

I just practiced a bit with my mom yesterday and today via emails back and forth.  Sometimes I feel completely open with my mom.  Other times I feel like I need to protect her from me and some of my ideas and feelings.  But, when I stop worrying about her feelings we actually have a fantastic dialogue.  SHe inspires me.  SHe is giving me practice.  And motivation.  And topics other than me!  I really appreciate that!  She stimulates me.  I have very few people in my life who can so passionately stimulate me.  She is one.  I have a passion for my mom!  Haha–guess that’s why we fight so much and so hard!  (:

I want to be a feeling space for people.  That is what I ultimately want.  I want to be that feeling space that people can fall into in reflection.  I want to be that as an actress.  I feel I could be that as a writer.  I’ve felt that with writers and musicians and artists and some works.  I’ve felt that I’ve fallen into a feeling space of shared wordless soul-to-soul communication.  I have a deep and vast feeling space for such things.  I feel I have that and it is that same hole in me.  My emptiness.  It is where I fall and a place I want to uncover and allow others to fall safely and gently and completely into.

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