I open new tabs all the time.

Dunno why.  I just do.

I get the feeling a lot of people do.

I also start new things often before I’ve fully completed the other things that were once the new thing I started.

I’m a starter.  I’m not a very good finisher.

Is it that I am impatient?  Perhaps.  I think that may be a lot of it.

Do I lose interest that fast?  I feel like I am a committed person.  Perhaps that is also why there are always several tabs open on my computer screen at any one time.  I WANT to finish with everything I start.  But at some point I’ve started way too many things to efficiently finish them all.  I overwhelm myself.

But I have so many things that interest me.  I guess not enough to see them through.

I wish I was better able to finish one thing out completely before losing interest and wanting to start something new.

I wish I had the patience and the focus.

I think I cripple myself with my multi-faceted interest in just about everything.  But my interests are proving to be all very surface.  Because, if they were deep interests, I’d stick with them…right?

Am I not deeply interested in ANYTHING?  Am I merely a surface person with no depth?  What is at the core of me?  Am I willing to focus enough to go into that part of me?  To go into the things that may not ‘surface’ interest me but will interest me over time at a deeper level?


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