Happy End Year!

I’m reading other blogs right now.  And I’m feeling a bit uninspired.  Not from the blogs, though–the uninspiration is not connected to the activity at the moment.  It is just a lull.  Could be the time of year.  The last week of the year.  The week after Christmas.  It always seems to be a lull week.  No matter what.  No matter where am, whom I’m with, or what I’ve been doing.  Just a ‘meh week.  It’s like a week that I somehow feel like it is just pointless to start anything.  Could be that there is an arbitrary “start” in less than 7 days and my Westernized enculturation is so deeply ingrained that I feel like an actual “end” of something is taking place and making room for a “beginning” of something new.

Why do we all seem to think/feel this way?  Or, perhaps we don’t and it is just me and I’m projecting it onto the rest of the society I encounter.

It’s like there is nothing to be excited about from December 26th to December 31st.  Except after-Christmas sales, I guess.  I mean, I could be excited about time off of work if I actually had a job.  But, I don’t so…yeah.  And all the places other than the mall that are actually open have weird hours and nothing seems to run like it usually does for these 4 or 5 days.  So, I’m in this weird lull that feels kind of like an extended jet lag.  It’s like everything is in flux and awaiting some “big change” that in reality won’t come.  But we all prepare for it and anticipate it and get excited for one day of focused attention on the clock and the Gregorian calendar.  Which, by the way, could be argued is the basis of our indebted mindset and debt-ridden society–considering the fact that it is all based on when debts and accounts are to be paid.  But, that’s a bit philosophical and psychological and could constitute and entirely different post altogether.

So, Happy End Year!  That is my wish for today.  Not Happy New Year.  Of course THAT is happy–it is something NEW.  Everyone likes new things.  Everyone likes to start something new.  There is always such enthusiasm.  And then that dwindles and goes away and no one is excited about it anymore.  Near the end of something there is a bit of a depression.  Perhaps is comes from attachment and our inability to let go of things.  Meh, could be…I dunno, I’m just speculating here.

I no longer wish to be one of those types.  I will fight vehemently to be just as excited about middles and endings as I am about beginnings!  Perhaps even more so.  Hey, perhaps I can go a step further and not measure things in such arbitrary time intervals.  (I did just watch a Science Channel documentary on the physics of whether time actually exists or not.)  Yeah, I think that may be the crux of it.  If we didn’t measure years we wouldn’t get so hung up about hitting a certain numeric age.  We may still get a bit shaken and/or upset about getting older, but perhaps it would have nothing to do with how many times we’ve traveled around the sun on this planet.  Still, just speculating.  Trying to cheer myself up logically, I guess.  Hahaha, using reason to affect my emotions…oh boy!

Maybe I’ll just spend this whole week writing.  And working out.  And getting lost in time…so deeply that I cannot even recognize one day from the next as they are all filled with wonder and discovery and amazement at just how fantastically constructed every mystery of the universe is!



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