Hello, Newfound Cleavage

Crossfit is makint my boobs very shapely.

Yoga made them that way, too. But not like this.

They are now perky all the freaking time! Is this second puberty, here?

I’m not complaining, I’m just commenting. I’m pretty sure my bedroom partner is happy about it. In fact, I’m quite certain he’s noticed.

My boobs used to be nearly non-existent. Enter intense exercise, and you’d think they’d go away completely. Not the case. In fact, seemingly the opposite.

I hate wearing bras. Ew, gross. No thanks. I’ve never needed one in day-to-day life. But, for the first time in my life, my breasts actually move around a bit.

I must say, it is really taking some getting used to. It’s one thing if this sort of thing happens when you are an adolescent and it is expected. It is another thing when you are a twenty-something.

And why am I inferring Crossfit to be the cause? I dunno, probaby because it is the cause of nearly every physical change in my life over the past year-and-a-half.

It has enhanced my life and my body. But, more than that, unlike anyone or anything else it has enhanced my body image and the way I see myself. It is so much more associate with what I can do with my body than what I can fit my body into; more how my body moves functionally than how my body looks aesthetically.

This mental shift is the crux of why I feel Crossfit has been life-changing for me.

So, naturally, I’m gonna assume that my shapelier breasts are coming from all those push-ups and power cleans and what-not. THese days I want everything attributed to those things. It keeps me going and keeps me motivated.

So, thank you Crossfit for giving a flat-chested girl some supple, round, firm breasts. Current and future lovers thank you as well!


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