Bye Bye Cheese

My wife has been a vegetarian since her early teenhood.

I became a vegetarian in college at age 18 and was meat-free for the next 5 years with dabblings as a vegan the last two.

Then I went back to meat. My wife stayed a vegetarian. She never liked it when I was vegan. She just could never give up the cheese. I always found that odd.

But, now that I’m back to being the raging carnivore I was as a child and adolescent, my wife has decided to counter my meat-eating by going full-on vegan for the first time.

She started a blog to chronicle her journey. It is called ‘Bye Bye Cheese.’ Her dedication to it inspired me to go along with her in saying ‘goodbye’ to the dairy aspect of my diet–because, hey, that would make me fully paleo (since I already don’t eat grains unless on holiday or special occasion) and OBVIOUSLY that would make me a better CrossFitter…or at least a more legit one…right?

Well, we’ll let my brain think that, anyway.

So, I decide to give up dairy as dedication to my wife and to my fitness obsession.

But, I can’t just stop there. I have to justify it. I’m like that. I need something biological and interesting and factoid-y that I can claim as my own reasoning for being a bit odd.

*I pretty much do this any time I have to find a way to explain away my idiosyncracies.

So, I found this. That was it. My brain is so valuable, so precious to me. Intelligence and expanding my universe of information is one of the most important activities in my life. What if not eating dairy or wheat could help me to retain information better? That would be AWESOME and way WAY worth it!

Sold. I’m giving up dairy to support my wife and to be smarter. Done.

I’ll eat ice cream when I visit my grandma and she makes her homemade pecan pie. I’ll eat fermented raw dairy sparingly in order to keep that gut flora happy. Those things are worth the slight sacrifice of consuming opioid peptides.

So, if my wife can do it, I’ll do a modified veganism alongside her.

That, and I feel like it makes me sound intellectual to give up a food for the sake of my brain. And really, I am that vain.


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