creepy dream synchronicity

Did you know the Chinese New Year starts tomorrow?

Neither did I. That is, until I googled it just now.

You see, I had a flashback to my dream last night. Sometimes I don’t remember my nightly dreams until like 12 hours later when the feeling of them starts to come back to me in little storyboard-like scenes.

Last night I dreamt that I was doing crossfit some place other than the gym to which I belong…and with people that whom I don’t know at all. But, in the dream I did know them. We were all buddy-buddy. We decided to go out to a movie or for dinner or something after the workout. But, somehow I got lost on the way there. I got lost because apparently it was the Chinese New Year and for some reason I was walking through Chinatown and kept getting scolded for being out and not celebrating this foreign holiday. I distinctly remember an old Chinese woman screaming at me because somehow my walking past her shop was in some way defacing it or something. I felt bad…sort of, but I also just didn’t understand and more than anything felt really really scared and alone and misunderstood.

And now I find out that tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. The year of the dragon. I’m kind of creeped out.


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