Breathe. Relax. And let go…

I finally read a link that a friend sent me weeks ago. I am deeply moved right now. I really have no words for how I feel. But, I feel like posting this blog here on my blog.

Reading it was like a slow relaxation of all the muscles in my body. Like a long, drawn-out exhale.

It just felt right. Felt good in the moment here in the coffee shop reading and writing.

I let go and release. Here and now.

I have no attachment to any career or aspiration. I think I have in the past. I think certain spiritual shifts have lessened my attachments and part of me has resisted that in a way of trying to prove my persistence.

But, I’m not proving anything anymore.

I do what feels good. This feels good. Writing here right now feels good. It feels good now. I will continue to do it when and for as long as it feels good.

When it ceases to feel good, I will stop. I may just need to stop for a mere second and tell myself to release my attachment to my current task/activity. I may have to stop for a bit longer until I can fully exhale.

But, I’m liking this reminder to detach. Because, for me, it is a reminder to breathe. Breathing is somehting we all must do for survival. But, if we had to consciously think about it EVERY time we needed to breathe and then actually work at it, we’d be exhausted from such a thing.

I’m not saying the things I enjoy or the things that make me feel ‘right’ and ‘good’ are all always easy. But, when they begin to feel like a chore that I’d rather skip, I think that is a message from my higher self to reasses my attachments to those things and what part of me is actually driving me to do them.

I find that the things I’m best at are the things I do for money. I find that when money is involved–even if it is something I’m good at–I become worse at it and don’t like the activity or practice/exercise of it as much.

This could be some neurotic problem that I should work on. Or, I could just do a quick mindset readjustment and go on with the exact same task/activity with a whole new feeling and outlook on it.

Just remember to exhale. Fully. Completely. Relax…and let go.



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