Let’s get some words out into the interwebs before my computer battery dies…

That’s what I’m thinking right now. Just feeling the need to have my fingers hit the keys and see what comes out.

Sitting here listening to some house music that my roommie is blasting while he also gets some work done this morning.

I wanted to share a dream a had the night before last. Because I think it may have a lot of symbolism to it.

It was a very scary dream. Frightening and suspenseful and mysterious.

I stayed at my boyfriend’s place that night. and the very vivid and realistic dream took place at his house.

In the dream there was a man standing at the foot of the bed with a knife trying to kill me. He actually got away with stabbing me before he ran out after I started to fight back. He ran away. But, not after he killed my daughter. Yep, I guess in this dream I had a daughter. She was dead from the beginning of the dream. No one had any idea who this man was. My husband/boyfriend in the dream didn’t even wake up through it all. He just slept there and then I awoke him and it was my dad, but not–in my dream it was my husband. He didn’t believe me that the man had escaped to just upstairs.

What’s weirder is that my it was all taking place in my boyfriends house in the Palisades, but in the dream the interior was his place and the exterior was a NYC apartment and there was a young woman who lived upstairs and she had a daughter too and I tried to warn her about this man because I felt like he was hiding out in the building. No one else believed me and even the people from SVU came to investigate. Then, while they were all there except for my husband who had left because he was annoyed and confused that he couldn’t solve and mad at me for being irrational, the man came back. He just came right in through the side door and came after me–bound and determined to kill me. Everyone else was stunned. No one knew who he was or had ever seen him before. In fact, I didn’t even see a face. It was all blurry. An enigma.

My husband ran in the door just after that. They all saw I wasn’t making it up…but I was about to die a horrible stabbing death.

And then I woke up.

That was the dream.

What the fuck does that mean?!

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