I’m a Salty

My birthday is a month from today.

Today is also the day that I’m supposed to get my regular license back. I’ve had a restricted one for a year.  Long story that I do not want to revisit.

I have been sleepy lately. Probably because I haven’t been getting enough sleep–Duh.

I also think I’m eating too much salt. I’ve been waking up very thirsty lately and my sweat smells different in a less good way.

I am more of a salty person than a sweet person–tastes-wise. But, I think that can say a lot about a person.

Hmmmmmm, what would it say about me? I’m definitely NOT a sweet person. I don’t think I’d use that word to describe me at all. Perhaps salty is a better word for me personality and disposition. I think I’d associate salty more with sarcasm and well, I’m a glutton for sarcasm. Maybe that is why I crave salty foods.

Some people say that when you crave salty foods it actually means that you have a mineral deficiency and your body is trying to alert you to that because minerals are naturally salty in taste and so by making you crave it evolution thinks you will go for those things high in minerals.

But, with the foods of today, that doesn’t happen

So, do I need to get some mineral supplementation? I don’t know. I had taking supplements. I take fish oil. And sometimes (not everyday) probiotics. That’s it. I don’t like the idea of supplementation. I hate pills. I’d much MUCH rather just eat healthy foods. I like most healthy foods. THe only only foods I don’t like are whipped cream, black olives, and mushrooms.

I just don’t see how taking a bunch of supplemental capsules and pills is any different than taking a bunch of pharmaceutical medications each day. It doesn’t seem natural to me at all. I don’t think it is something our animalistic nature is designed for.

I don’t like eating things that come from wasteful plastic bottles if I don’t have to. Even as I sit here with a plastic bottle of water. Hey, I have refilled it at least 10 times. ANd I know I shouldn’t. I also have a glass reusable water bottle. But, it is heavy. It is heavy to lug that thing around in my bag. And what if my klutzy self drops it? I’ve been known to do that about a dozen too many times.

I guess I just like practicality. I don’t find it practical to have a whole cabinet of pills whether they are all-natural vitamin and mineral supplements or chemically lab-manufactured substances with prescription labels on them.

Is that salty? Is practicality salty? Is that the nature of the salt taste? Are the two linked.

In my mind they are. I’m salty and sarcastic and natural and a glutton and practical.


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