Let’s talk Urination

6:22Am and I got nothing.


Blank mind.

I’m going to be doing 7minute of burpees today.

Yup. As many as possible in 7 minutes.

I hope I get more than 70.

I hope I don’t lose control of bodily functions.

Jumping can make me do that, oddly enough.

I always seem to pee a little bit out doing double-unders at Crossfit. And anything with jumping that is similar causes me to lose a bit of control of my bladder.

The same thing used to happen when I was a kid and we would jump on my grandparents’ trampoline out on their farm.

All of us grandkids would be jumping–my cousins and me. We would have so much fun bouncing each other and what-not and probably being way too rough and definitely breaking the suggested safetey guidelines that go along with such a backyard piece of funnery.

But, I was the only girl cousin on that side until I was 8. So, it was me and a few other boys–my brothers included.

We’d be jumping along and all of a sudden, I’d stop with a ghost-white face and just freeze. Then get off the trampoline as discreetly as possible and hurry into my grandparents’ house and run into the bathroom.

My brothers and cousins never got it. They always thought I was just no fun and scared of the dangerous new moves and tricks they were doing.

Really, I was scared of the torment I’d get if I peed my pants at age 9 1/2.

And every time that I got into the bathroom only a little dribble would come out–just a few drops. Not the deluge of a waterfall that it felt like was about to spill out onto my feet.

The same thing would happen to me in sports in high school. Sometimes, when running in track in a sprint or mid-distance sprint, I’d just pee my pants. And not know it until the race was over and I felt the wetness between my legs and my synthetic fiber shorts sticking to my inner thighs.

My dad said that it happened to all of his female athletes. (He was my coach.) I talked to the rest of my teammates, they agreed–it happened to them all the time, too.

Same with my female Crossfit companions. They pee during double unders and jumping exercises.

What is this about the female urinary tract that makes us lose control while men do not?

Because I’ve talked to men. I talked to my brothers about it as a kid. I talked to male friends in high school. I talked to my dad. I talked to male crossfitters. This all seems like something out of science fiction to them or like a medical wonder.

But, to us ladies, we all know that a little bladder malfunction is bound to happen when we hit a certain high-level of intense and rapid airborne mobility.

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1 Response to Let’s talk Urination

  1. Elle says:

    Did you ever find out why females seem to lose bladder control, especially during double unders? It happens to me, too. Actually, I was googling this ‘medical wonder’ and your post came up. I wonder the same thing.

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