I’m waiting for Jenny to tell me what it is she is most passionate about.

Jenny is the name of the character in my novel. Yup, the novel I am writing.

She is about to tell me. I can feel it. But, she is a bit vulnerable right now–I can feel that, too.

I don’t want to force anything on her right now that she is not comfortable with. However, at the same time, I kind of want her to remain in a bit of discomfort. That is where change happens. That is where action happens. THat is when a spark can ignite an entire flame.

I can feel her ready to really reveal some things to me.

What does all this mean for me right now?

Probably that I am about to reveal some big things in my life as well.

Because, she and I are one. I’m not writing an autobiography, but I am writing it. It is only me writing it. I can only write the words, thoughts, ideas, feelings that are within me and originate from deep down at my core. So, no matter what I create, it is me. In fact, it may be more me than the conscious me writing this right now.

I think this character is teaching me how to treat myself, as well. I feel like a have a child. I am finding myself loving towards her while not agreeing with all of her choices.

This is the only type of children I ever want to have. I already feel stress from my fictional character…I can’t imagine the intensity it would be from an actual human being created from 50% of my DNA.

That’s a bit too heavy for me. I’ll stick with the characters alive within me and nurturing them to the best of my abilities. Because then I am really learning to nurture my own soul.


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One Response to Jenny

  1. Mom says:

    What inspired you name this character Jenny?

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