Dream Poetry

I have to leave for work in less than ten minutes. I had thought that I’d have plenty of time just to write a little bit of something or do some journaling this morning since i went to bed at 8:00PM last night. But, I guess my body needed that 10hours.

I think semi-sickness can induce some vivid creativity…or, at least some uncharacteristic creativity.

I awoke around 5:00AM to a poem being recited by a voice inside my head.

‘Ah, I should write this down when I get out of bed and more fully wake up.’

YOu think that is happening now? Hell no! I don’t even know what the poem was about.

It was a dream. And, funnily enough, I can remember the structure of it–the word number of each line and how many lines and all that. I can remember what it looked like and the feeling of it but not how it felt.

Definite dream. Those are all characterisics of the right side of the brain and not the left. The left deals with language the right deals with images. The right side of the brain never sleeps. It is the part involved in dreams. The left side of the brain is the part that is asleep when we are.

All so fascinating!

But, also disheartening when I want to recall things in detail and translate them to written word. In a hurry, no less.

I open up the laptop, and see a blank screen and all I can think about to write is writing about writing.

Well, at least I got something out into the universe today.

…besides my phlegm and mucus that will be sneezed, coughed, and/or blown on someone today…


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