Sex: Explicit-ish & Political-esque

I like sex.

I like having sex.

I like talking about sex.

I like sexual jokes and innuendos.

I like being serious and non-emotional when talking about sex.

And then I like being soft and ethereal and spiritual and symbolic and metaphoric when thinking about sex.

I like the partnership of the two viewpoints.

I like the purely biological aspect of sex.

I like the connection.

And I hate the connection.

I run towards the connection.

And I push it away.

[I am my own magnetic pole]

I don’t hold back with sex.

…except my emotions.

…and my wants. my deepest desires

….and the real me half the time

…ok, more than half the time.

I’m getting better.

Better at sex.

Not with practice, although that is part of it. Rather with a deeper and deeper ever-evolving exploratorive relationship with my spirit.

I was thinking about sex just now and that is why I am writing about it. I’ve been thinking about sex all day. Partly because I get to see my boyfriend later tonight. But mostly because of my period.

I’m bleeding from my sex hole. That makes me think of sex. I don’t think that is weird. Maybe it is. But I can only judge based on my experience.

I’m thinking about my vagina constantly while I am menstruating. I don’t know if other women are like that, but I am.

When I wasn’t having regular sex, I HATED it when my period would come. Now, it is such a blessing. Even though I have a copper contraption inside my uterus to prevent conception, I still get a little antsy if my period is a bit late. I figure most women are whether on some form of birth control or not.

This is my first period on ANY form of birth control EVER. So, I was a bit more nervous when it was a few days late.

But, I think my nerves were a bit more acute because of all this birth control talk in the media these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from political. I have opinions, but I don’t think they are necessarily the right ones. I just don’t want my ability to have those opinions to be taken from me. Nor do I want anyone else to not be able to have theirs. We all learn from one another.

I don’t believe in hormonal birth control. Not because I don’t think a woman should be able to control when or if she has a child, but because I think it is unsafe and unhealthy to mess with the body’s hormone levels for such an extended period of one’s life.

But, that is my opinion. I can’t control if someone wants to fuck with her hormone levels.

I am not in support of national government paying for someone’s birth control. But, not because I think it is morally wrong to take a pill to prevent pregnancy. I am also not in support of paying for someone’s statin drugs or anti-depressants or ADHD medication or subsidising toxic GMO conventionally farmed foods.

But if someone wants to take those meds and eat those non-foods, then that, I believe, they should be able to do.

I should also be able to get an abortion. If I so choose. And pay for it with my own money or insurance. Because it is my fucking body and my fucking life. No, it is not the life of a mass of cells growing within me. Sorry. That may sound cold.

I may sound slutty, but I like sex and don’t like kids. And, I think that combined would make me a bad mother. So, why the fuck would someone want me carrying a child to begin with?!

Just felt the need to share all of that.

Probably because I’m horny, mentruating, and fed up with the debate of people over other people’s bodies.

You can use your body how you like as long as it doesn’t harm me or any living (having had a live birth) breathing (with its own lungs) human being (with a birth date and not a conception date).

I don’t have to agree with it. Heck, I don’t agree with about 70% of what I see on earth each day. But, the things I don’t agree with also are my teachers and I learn the most lessons from those challenging ideas, behaviors, and beliefs. And I am grateful that I and everyone else can and is exposed to the challenges of others so that we as humanity can grow and evolve and expand.

Ok. Go ahead and call me libertarian. I don’t care.

…and a slut.

I’ve heard that one before, too.

If I could I’d go around to schools and give those assemblies we always used to have that I liked b/c I got out of class.

Most often, they were about drinking and driving, or drugs, or bullying, or college shit, or the like.

I’d talk about sex. And not about the standard shit. I would just talk about sex for real. Because we don’t hear that enough as teenagers. We hear the lecture from the health teacher and from our parents.

Then we see the over-sexualizaton of our society, and not much of the in-between. I don’t mind either. I just feel that as a teenager, I think I was lucky that my parents were ok talking about sex for real with me. Not everyone else is so lucky.

I think more kids should here people talking about the enjoyment of sex being a good thing. And not have to hear “in marriage” at the end of that sentence.

And, I’m not a parent (see above), but I think more parents should be ok with that. Most parents I know enjoy sex and enjoyed it before they were married. What do they think happens in a generation? Do parents seriously not trust the job they’ve done for the first 15 years until their kids hit adolescence?

Seriously, I don’t know these answers and I don’t presume to. I just think I could be objective and not authoratative and that it would be ok if teenagers heard real sex stories and not just porn ones or innuendo-y beer commercial ones.

I am not the greatest lover in the world. But I am honest. Well, getting there. More honest than ever before. And I think honesty is one of the biggest things our society is lacking. Real, transparent honesty.

Just some thoughts…

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3 Responses to Sex: Explicit-ish & Political-esque

  1. Peter says:

    So eloquently said. Thank you.

  2. Great article! I hope you live in Melbourne, Australia. 🙂

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