A (Self)Love Poem


that word has a harmony to it

like Fuck

it just rolls off the tongue

as I try too hard to sing a song with a broken voice in an unfamiliar key at frequencies above my ability to reach

so I slap my self with obscenities and run to the sink for a glass of water to soothe the sharp lashes I will continue to give myself for failing to appease the monster inside of me who goes by the name


and Fucks me over

and over again

I can only love myself as a monster

I can only find pleasure in my Cunt

I’m a happy Fuck

who waits for you to sing the song for me so I will not have to strain my voice anymore reaching for the high notes above me where you sit with ease

in silence

not singing


why not?

Sing to my Cunt or come down to Fuck it

but don’t tease me in silence or my Cunt will become the monster it was never intended to be and Fuck itself


and over

and over

and over

until it bleeds

and its buttons are pushed inward upon itself turning pleasure to pain and back again in a spiral dance of dervish destruction

leaving me fucked.


About heathencomehome

question marks & ellipses
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