Baking Tips

My mom makes the best bread pudding in the world.

I’m not only going off of my own opinion here. It has been verified by others. Throughout high school and others I’ve brought home since then. (That’s only 2, but let’s not get technical here.)

My grandma makes the best pie in the world.

Maybe I haven’t tried all the pie in the world, but I know my taste buds will always prefer hers.

Maybe it is genetic

Or in my DNA.

I’m supposed to like my mom’s and my grandma’s best. My taste buds matured on their baking.

THey don’t use any special ingredients or secret recipes.

Theirs are the simplest and the cheapest they can get by with. No extra dime is spent on anything fancy. What they have will do just fine.


Resourceful baking leaves spaces.

Spaces that need filled in order for the recipe to be complete and whole and fully satisfying.

There are spaces in all baking. SOme bakers are good enough in there technical skills that their holes are microscopic…miniscule.

I know my mom and grandma are not that technical or detailed in their baking. So, they have larger holes. That means they learned early on that they had to fill those holes.

Most people don’t ever learn this lesson and thus don’t rise above mediocre to average bakers.

My grandma and mom out of necessity implemented what all they had–love.

And that’s all they had.

And they more they used it, the more it grew and the more they were able to use.

With each dish and each pastry and each pie and each bread and each pudding they filled in the spaces with love and when they shared their baking their love pantry increased in size double…then triple…then quadruple…

That is why my mom makes the best bread pudding.

That is why my grandma makes the best pies.

They now have so much love in their pantries that they are able to completely fill in the holes and then still have some to sprinkle on at the end.

A garnish or love.

The secret ingredient.

I’ve given up bread again.

This time, for good.

…or, at least until I visit my mom and grandma again and get some of the best bread pudding and best pies in the world.

Nothing else anywhere else is even comparable.

because they don’t have a secret stash of finely aged love.


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2 Responses to Baking Tips

  1. Mom says:

    Thank You,

  2. Lyz says:

    This is so sweet and so true! Especially about life! We must fill our emptiness with lots of lub!!! Love you! Wish I could try some…my mom was not a baker, but she is a lover. 🙂

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