My Bathroom: The Middle Earth of My Soul

I have olive oil in my hair right now.

It’s to help with my dry scalp. I’ve found that olive oil works a bit better than coconut oil for that. But, raw egg whites are also quite helpful.

I had to wipe off my hands quite a bit before being able to sit down at my computer like I am now.

And now I’m just sitting here trying let it all seep into my scalp so that it can get the nourishing moisture it needs.

It takes a bit, though, because my hair is quite thick. It may be short, but there is still a lot of hair on this head!

I got oil all over my mug of hot honey-cinnamon water. But, that is ok. I like the way it looks shiny. It almost looks like it is clean.

I’m less and less of a clean-freak as I get older. I thought that things were supposed to go in the opposite direction…

I mean, I never ever was a super-anal neat freak. But, in college, I made my bed every day and made sure all of my clothes were always put away and my dishes always done and my room always clean. I didn’t always clean the bathroom like I should have. I’m still bad at that one.

I think that you can tell a lot about someone from just looking around his or her bathroom. Not snooping around, mind you, just observing.

A bathroom is where people are the most private. It is the place they defecate. It is the place the spend most of their at-home naked time (that is, if they don’t sleep nude.) That is where all their little help-make-me-me things are stored–makeup, facial cleansers, tweezers, soaps, shampoos, hair care products, lotions, creams, oils. That is the place people spend most often alone. One can be alone in his or her bedroom, but he or she is even more alone in the bathroom.

Alone. naked. undone.

If someone allows you to use his or her bathroom, you are stepping into a space that has seen them naked, has seen them poop and pee, has seen them apply make up and/or fix their hair.

It is the room where the transformation happens.

It is a person’s batcave. It is where they become the person they are to you and everyone else.

But, in the shower and/or the bathtub they are alone and naked and left with their thoughts being blurred to feelings being blurred to the core of who they are.

I believe a glance around a bathroom can show and tell you how much a person cares for that alone naked part of themselves.

If you are sensitive enough, you can feel it the moment you step into their territory.

Filled with their powerful unguarded energy. You are allowed to see they layer of a person just beneath the surface and just above the core.

The middle layer. The plasma just inside the cell surrounding the nucleous.

THe closest thing save penetration of touching the nucleous.

Think about that next time you ask to use the bathroom.


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