Do Not Read While Eating

I’m bleeding.

I’m releasing blood from my body.

I’m fucking bleeding.

Blood is coming out of my body and I’m wondering why I’m tired at 3:00PM.

I’m bleeding and it is supposed to be normal.

I will never understand what is normal about my body deciding it is going to just release small pools of blood for a week each month.

Like, how is that normal?

I mean, it is normal…but how? That’s really creepy and weird and sounds like something you’d think you need to get checked out.

I sit here acting like I don’t have blood collecting between my legs.

Sitting here in a public place and I am bleeding from the most intimate region of my body!

And no one knows.

That is even weirder.

No one ever knows. Unless I tell them.

No one knows I am bleeding away a thin layer from my uterus and that blood is streaming down my cervix and into and out of my vagina.

Because I chose for yet another month to not be a mommy. To not give life to another. To not raise another human being. To not bring intelligent life into this world.

I’m still fucking, though.

Hell yeah, I’m fucking. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

A little blood ain’t stopping me.

In fact, that is all I want to do right now. All day, for that matter.

Could be that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a few days and we haven’t fucked in almost a week which is a long time for us because the longest we’ve gone is that long when I was in NYC last fall because we are young and healthy and that is what our youthful bodies keep telling us to do with one another.

Well, that, amongst other things.

But right now “that” is all I can think about and all I want…along with the bleeding to stop because it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.

But I don’t want babies. Nope. None of those for me, por favor. Gracias.

God, could you see me as a mom?! Gross. I don’t wanna fuck anyone other than me up, thank you very much.

So, I’ll deal with the blood. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I don’t. I’m working REALLY hard here to get a low bodyfat so that it will go away again like it did for five years between ages 18 and 23.

That would be swell.


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