Good. Bad. Ugly. Me.

…Well…that means that energy is spiraling rapidly within me…

I’m spinning

Spiraling rapidly…

I am a Dance

a Sacred dance.

I’m whirling & spinning.

I’m me overlooking

our city

Spinning & Spiraling

up there.

That is ME!

I created it

I manifested it.




Evolving is dancing. It is dancing in spirals.

[Interesting that contractions are the result of the muscles involved in birth resisting expansion…resisting change…resisting the pain that will bring about New Life. Resisting instead of relaxing. Contractions are futile attempts to hold the new life in…]

I’m the Dance I love…I Dance my Self

“[I] take my hand from the rope and let it fall.”

I am whole. I am healed.

I am thin and


I am love release.

…I await his choosing of me as the same for him.

Love me, Please. Save me & Hold me.

Sing to me. Carry me & Challange me (or was that Cradle?)

–cradle me tender now–

Encircle me and protect me (or was that Protest?) Feel me. Caress me. Release me…please.

Smiles & Spirals I Am. I am Vital.

Live. Love. Learn.

Moving on, up, & Forward.


Bring me Home, God. with love…please.

WHy am I still holding myself here? Release. Release. release…


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