Let’s Frolic

Women want to be fucked in an open field

Oh yes! We women want you to take us out on a grassy field

and strip our clothes off

for all of Mother Earth to see

Our beauty!

Yes, Oh Yes! We want to be naked on a field of green

that is wet with dew

melting onto our backs as they arch up with your thrust

pounding us back into the ground from which we came

And then come again.

And again

And again

And, Oh Yes! Again!

Fuck Yes! A field with no trees to hide our unshame.

And on a sunny day.

So the sun can drink the cocktail of dew and sweat from our bodies writhing like snakes now this way now that way now this way


Oh Yes! THAT is how we want to be fucked.

That is the real story of Princesses and their Princes.

That is the story hidden in our subconscious as little girls.

That is the story of grown up woman fantasy.

That is the story men have uglified into rape fantasy

That is the story we are looking for in romance novels the real dirty sex that we all crave.

That is the story we don’t know we want until that first time someone makes us say

Oh Yes! Fuck Yes!

Oh yes! Let the grass poke my skin and tickly my fantasies.

Oh yes! Let Mother Earth be our bed!

Oh Yes! Let there be a highway nearby so that we can display our love for passersby and make feed their secret fantasies too!

Invite them to join, perhaps, and have an orgy ode to the open field as our bodies move in synchronistic sensual splendor in REAL praise of life

of love

of light

of Divine God and Goddess together as one

on the stage created for us

no work required

Oh yes! bring me there

Oh yes! And fuck me while you look into my eyes and see nothing except the sun reflecting back into your soul and know that FEEL that BE that you and I are ONE.

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