Adventures in Baking my Pie

…and I was afraid. Afraid of this unknown…unknowing. Afraid of where I was going and where it was taking me.

But, I…decided to make it an adventure! Yes–that is what life is anyway–an Adventure in Not-Knowing!

Fear is still there. I acknowledge it.

I see it. I even appreciate it. It is part of me in this reality. But it is not me

Not who I am

Not of my being. It does not control me.

I adventure through it

What is an adventure without a little fear? Suspense.

That’s it.

I do not have fear. Rather, I have suspense in my life…my exciting, thrilling life-movie.

If I give in to the fear, there will be no suspense, no action, no thrills–no Adventure!

Ah…I still see dimly. (now as always has been), but becoming more and more illuminated…

So, fear is there. An ingredient but not the final product.


No way


Fear is like a spice that makes a dish a bit more tasty but is not necessarily needed to complete it.

It is all just ingredients in my dish. MY PIE. Right back to full circle with a wink and a synchronistic smiley face spiraling together to form my present life.


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One Response to Adventures in Baking my Pie

  1. mydearbakes says:

    This is a very interesting post =)

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