The Morning Breeze

Look what I created

no wonder

I can no longer

expect him to be

act. do. anything

He is

I am.

No expectaion

No lies

No deception

Truth. Honesty.

Love. Devotion to Self. Appreciating. Yes



I appreciate my cells, All of them

I appreciate my legs, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet, toes

I appreciate my stomach-abs-belly

I appreciate my smile

All of my smile

My gigantic smile.

My enormous smile that no one ever sees.

That humongous smile i have within that hurts so much sometimes because it is bursting out and all I am doing is holding it in with a force much less than it.

And I know my outer strength is no match for my inner smile’s power.

…and it scares me.

I choose it all with smiles & rainbows. I do.

I choose the Ocean of Self.

I choose experience & experimentation.

I am standing here in the breeze.

reaching out with 2 different destinies.

I am standing here smiling in the breeze

I am riding a stationary wave through nonexistent time and living life while I shut it all up.

I am well. Being well. Well being, I am.


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question marks & ellipses
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