I feel as though I am fully and completely surrounded by love

but have somehow for some reason chosen to sit isolated alone in the center of the circle of love which  surrounds  me in order that I can hold myself as far from that love as possible

It is there–oh it is there that I love. that I am.

And I am stubborn. Fighting it. My attempts to run from it or push it away do not eradicate the fact that It is ALL around me. Always. So I sit in the center of it trying to embrace it on all sides

I choose to die

to truly live

Yes, I choose to die tonight. this morning. now.

I choose to dies right now.

I die here now

In dying I live

Making this choice

to die

I die

I choose to die (in darkness)

and am brought such a joy-bliss-contentment

in my now-moment-death

Inhale Exhale


No more. No more worries. No more troubles. No more attachments. No more shoulds

The dead have no stress. The dead have no shoulds

I have no more. I have no more shoulds

I turn off.

and come Alive (Die)

I choose to die in each moment.

It makes me feel alive.


I do not know how to embrace all of this. Love surrounding me. How can I possible embrace ALL of it (?)

If I embrace one side, my back is turned to the other side.

How do I embrace it all at once?

I have struggled with this and wrestled with it.

ooooooooo-ed and aaaaaahhhhhh-ed

I know I FEEL how it is possible.

Now to choose to embrace just one tiny spec of that Love then the center of the Circle is shifted…and condensed

The Love comes closer to embrace me as I embrace it.

Then it is on all sides so close that IT touches me on all sides and I touch all aspects of it from Big Cicle Small Dot to Small Circle Big Dot.


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