Lose 15+ lbs in 30 Days!!

I’m still unnerved by this.

The other day I was in a crossfit class. At the same time as my class, there was a trainer giving and introductory private session to someone brand new. She was a young, attractive woman. One of those innocent-looking types that would make you turn your head or look twice when she walked by. She was a bit petite, and I could tell she had worn make-up and done her hair for her training session (how cute.)

Ok, she was a bit more than captivating. For me, anyway. But, I think there was a little bit of jealousy along with my attraction to her. I was jealous that she had walked in there all thin and attractive and fit-looking and wanted to some crossfit training. A little devil in me wanted to say, “Hey, skinny cute girl! Get out of here! You already get the attention from men that we all want. You ALREADY look like the ‘ideal’ our culture tells us we are supposed to look like. Stop trying to be like the rest of us who can’t naturally be as skinny and yet feminine-looking as you! This place is for the rest of us who have to turned to strength!”

Really? I thought those things? Me?!

Yup. I did. I’m ashamed of it.

And yet, I’m not surprised.

I was being possessive of my crossfit.

I was so jealous of this young thing.

An upset at myself for it, too.

But, that is not the worst of it. What really got me upset came later in the hour. As, yes, I let her steal my focus a bit too much during my time for my own training.

So, at the end of her session–and the end of my distracted workout, the trainer started talking some basics about nutrition with her. And, as it was a crossfit gym, talk immediately went to the encouragement of paleo. Now, I’ve been eating pretty much paleo for more time than I’ve been back on eating meat. No sugars, no grains, no processed pasteurized dairy. Only before I reintroduced meat a couple years ago, I was doing it all raw vegan-y style.

Neither one made me lose a whole bunch of weight. But, I do feel immensely healthier when I stick to it. And, to me (for the most part), that is more important.

But, here is this trainer, telling her about the weight-loss benefits of Paleo diets.

Ugh…really? First, I hate hearing that, because my weight has stayed pretty much the same the entire time I’ve eaten this way.


Now, this is a nice guy, so I’m not going to fault him. I am going to fault our way of thinking–the system. We are taught the almighty power that comes from Divine Heavens up above when we lose weight. No matter how much we weigh. If we lose weight, we are being blessed by the gods. The more weight you lose the better.


That’s what I thought in college when I lost 30lbs.

Only problem was, I lost that 20 from a starting place of about 115/120. But, I was so thrilled to have lost weight–because that should be our goal, right?

Now, in fairness, this trainer didn’t tell her specifically that she needed to lose any weight. But, he lead with that. And that is what we women latch onto. Right away. Hook, line, and sinker. That is all we want. No matter what. With very few exceptions and I will chalk those up to cultural differences clashing with American pop culture ingrained in the brains of anyone beyond 2nd generation and the few unexplained anomolies (sp?)

I stick with the paleo/primal diet, because it has improved my digestion immensely. I hate hearing about its weightloss benefits because I haven’t experienced them. It is like a cruel joke.

What is another cruel joke is that we lead with weight-loss EVERY time when there is a new diet. Why? Diet is how we treat our bodies. Each day. It is how we feed ourselves to stay HEALTHY. Now, granted, there is an obesity epidemic in this country apparantly. But, that is mainly because we are never taught about the science of health.  Why, oh why, can’t the trainer talk about why it is healthier FIRST. Hook, line, and sink with THAT?

Maybe it is less effective in our superficial first-impressions world.

I don’t know.

I’m riffing on this now. I really want feedback.

I’m not faulting anyone in this situation. I am merely sharing my shameful thoughts on an experience. Thoughts that, unfortunately, happen all too often.


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