Tastes Like Chicken

A dry old chicken bone

the leg

stonger than the wing

more essential.

But I wan to be the wing.

The wing takes flight

…and has little meat.

The wing is light.

The wing is useless

on a chicken.

So, I am a leg. A drumstick from KFC.

I am fought over amongst brothers and sisters when the bucket of my life is laid on the dinner table for middle class America.

I am white girl dark meat.

I am flesh and bone but feel bone dry boney and prefer it that way.

The sometimes tough sometimes soft nature of the flesh disgusts me.

It may nourish me but I am not of the flesh.

I am of the bone.

I am essential.

Even in death. I am essential.

I am essential more in death because as the bone I signify the life the flesh got to live

on my wings


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