Good Night Love Song

I wear chains

on my fingers

that connect

to rings I wear at night.

Each ring for a different night. Each ring a link in the chain. Each ring weighing me down. Each ring binding me.

to me.

to the night

to the earth and moon in togetherness union at night in my dream purgatory where my soul resides chained to my flesh.

Married to me

with the rings on my fingers to prove it.

But I sing for the daily love affairs I have with life.

The night does not know that I have many daily lovers who cannot see the rings on my fingers

because I took them off with the dirty sheets this morning and I went outside naked fingered to meet new lovers

and cheat on the night

with the Daytime.

My nighttime lover knows that I know that He knows.

He cares not that I care not that he cares not.

We both care not for our daily activities.

We always return to each other in passionate embrace when the moon rises

within my soul

with more raw hot wet passion than my body has ever experienced.

And the high notes I can’t hit in my daytime love songs

spill out of my pores with perfect pitch for hours on end.

And I sing my lover a love song of no words and no notes and no rhythms or rhymes.

I cannot sing those songs during the day. I cannot make those sounds during the day. I cannot open my mouth and my head and my heart and my soul

until the chains are locked on my body with the wedding ring of Night.


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