Eden’s Ballroom

Sing it, Jason Mraz!

…he’s distracting me in the background. Oh well, a pleasant distraction.

Good morning, world. I am happy and excited and scared about life! yup–and it feel so GOOD!

I feel like I just won an award or was just given a high honor–along with it some added responsibilities–but right now, I just feel like I am writing an acceptance speech to the Universe. I feel like I have so many people to thank along the way to where I have not yet arrived. I’m feeling all of their love today…on this first slightly chilled fall morning in LA alone  in a coffee shop not yet open because the whole town is still sleepy even by 7:30AM.

Ha! I slept in this morning–it was after 6:30 when I got up! That so rarely happens anymore unless I’ve been drinking the night before…and THAT happens even less.

I love the mornings. I love my time. I love the power I feel in myself when I first awake and the world is welcoming me with no fear or intimidation. The world stretches out her hand to me and invites me to dance her dance.

In the mornings, I dance feverishly. I dance with abandon. I dance naked and exposed with Mother Earth energy and am fully at-one with Her and with my Self.

I dance the dance she leads. I follow her by heart completely. I close my eyes and if I keep them closed, I can feel her encouragement and her urging me on.

In the mornings, I am no longer sleeping…but I am not fully awake. If I’m lucky, I awake in my dreams and stay there.

But, if I blink my eyes open for even a fraction of a moment, I am pulled from Eden’s ballroom. I can see my nakedness. I can see my folly. I can see everyone who can see me.

I stop the dance.

Dead in my tracks.

I’ve lost Mother Earth. I can no longer see her face or feel her hand or hear her call. I’m deaf and blind and paralyzed.

I enter my day.


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