Two Channels

I have a business idea.

I’ve started it.

with my best friend’s help.

and the help of another friend.

who also needs my help.

Help for help.

I feel like I never have the monetary funds to compensate people for their time they give to me.

But I do have ears. And I have a heart.

My ears connect to my heart. They have two channels. The two channels are clear and direct. They do not intersect. They do not collide. They do not merge.

One goes to my head. And one goes to my heart.

When one channel is flowing, the other is closed off. I am good at keeping all communication flowing through only one at a time. I’ve gotten so adept at my listening skill that I can switch channels mid-conversation without any misunderstanding or lost dialogue. I am like one of those old time-y telephone operators switching up and connecting calls all with a friendly and helpful smile.

I guess that is what I have to offer relationships.

I guess that is my only form of compensation at this time.

I guess that is my gift. That I’m meant to continually give.

I discovered all of this over the past 36 hours when I’ve been constantly on the phone with one friend or another just listening and facilitating the processing of emotion/stress/life.

Time flew. I didn’t get annoyed.

Each of these friends seem to me the put-together-type–so much more so than I. They are so much more organized and seemingly “further along” in life (whatever that means). When I’m alone, I seriously don’t think I have anything to offer them. They would want nothing from me, surely. I am not that resourceful in my own mind.

But, it does feel good to listen. Not just with my ears. Not just with my head. Not just with my heart, either. It feels good to be in the listening flow.

Hmmmmm, so interesting to me that it feel good to me to empty myself out, clear the channels of my own inner dialogue for an hour or two, and be filled with someone else being allowed to flow through me and affect changes in me ever so minute.

A personal butterfly effect is taking place within me.


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