Zombie’s Abyss

Pluck my eyes out.

I want to see no more.

You didn’t do it.

Missed your chance.

Now I’m staring right at you. No eyelids to close. No lashes to bat. No tears to stifle.

Abortion blues

can’t stop the Cunt Rage.

It feels inside.

It feels rain tears from heaven’s dead goddesses

It feels its babies unborn

shrivel and die.

She got fucked 3 too many times.

<shifts shifty eyes yellow to pale accents> like hallucinations undone continuous

My head hurts. A raging headache of numb ambiguity is now my state of being.

Hear my silence.

I’m alone as it should be but you keep staring at me.

wait, there will be a Chapter 2

after her bath and tea and Sleeping Beauty resurrection.


About heathencomehome

question marks & ellipses
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