Nightmare Diet

Good morning, nightmares.
I love myself more than I feel sorry for you.
Now, go to sleep.
the sun us up.
It is your bedtime deathbed at daybreak.

Ok, maybe I’ll make you breakfast
But no more indulging.
No more asking for a glass of milk.
No more asking for a piece of candy.
No more sucking at my tit.
No more feeding on my knowledge and intellect.
No more of You after today’s bewitching spell of consciousness destroys your wishes to be more real than reality.

I’m up. To the bathroom I go. Naked but for the blue fuzzy slippers holding me onto the floor of this morning.
My first armor of the day is on.
And the smile is off.

I want my body back

About heathencomehome

question marks & ellipses
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