Sugar Cravings

I used to curl up into you and pretend that the world wasn’t the world. And we would have fantasies in my head only. You danced with me. You sang songs. You drew pictures. You tied strings to my back and played with my limbs suspended lifeless beneath you.

I ate up your game of love. Empty calories. Like double chocolate cake. Licked my fingers.

My stomach aches. It growls. It moans.



I want another piece of cake. I want to play another game. I want a new bed with new sheets washed clean of you and of me where no one ever cuddles and no one ever sleeps.

I want to learn how to bake
A pie.
And stuff it with you-fruits.

But maybe I’ll just eat soggy cereal and memories until then.


About heathencomehome

question marks & ellipses
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