One good one.

Just give me ONE GOOD ONE.

One good something.

Something to live for.

Something to remind me that I’m alive

And here for a reason.

But I’m not.

So I fight. I fight for it. I fight for a reason.
A reason to stay

A reason to be loved.

A reason to love and something to love.

I fight and I search. Exploring the jungles of the soul.

The wildest wilderness of all.

The most dangerous expedition ever.

The scariest monsters unknown to mankind live deep deep within.

Inside the soul.

Deep down there with no more love.

No hate either.

The evil resides in the dispassion for all that they cannot understand.

So they eat it.

Eat it all.
Eat me.

Eat up my insides. Trying to escape.

To be brought out into the Earth where they will Roam as conquerors once all is dead.

Scavengers and savages raping and pillaging my mind day and night.

My heart survives. Only to watch. Watch it all burn away and die before Her eyes. She survives everything.

She mourns all the losses.

She is the great Mother of my Soul. She birthed the demons and the angels and watched her own children kill each other for her Love.

But who is left to love her? What can they give to her?

Her children have sapped her dry–left her empty and hollow. Ransacked her home.

My homeless heart bleeds no more. It has dried its wounds and can no longer cover the battle scars of a soul turned upon it.

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