Heart of The Queen

Everything is falling off of my skin and bones 

like dead corpses (are there other types?) in cornfields 

that resemble scarecrows 

so no one notices.

The little words.

Like the light and the blue that burns my retinas on my iPhone screen.

But I have laser eyes. I’m invincible. I’m a dinosaur never extinct. I’m a 


when I’m naked.

Inverse Sampson–the more I put on, the weaker become.




Soldier…who left the war to play the flute

but chose a cello.

Can someone be my music teacher?

Wait, you just play and I’ll dance. 

And one by one, the clothes fall.

It’s a springtime dance in autumn.

Because I am always reborn in winter.

Will you take my photograph now?


About heathencomehome

question marks & ellipses
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