I Can’t Remember if it’s Monday or Tuesday

There was a time when the

Sirens came for me. In 12-hour intervals, they would come. At 6:00AM and at 6:00PM. At 5:00 and 5:00 sometimes too at 8:00 and 8:00. They needed 12 full hours give or take 15 minutes at most.

Sirens call in a unique pattern.

Unlike demons who possess a soul with a full depth leading some boys to madness and some men to insanity.

Coffee can cure a siren outbreak. The morning shift gets washed away with the dark brown.

But that later call in the evening or at night is a battle. And who wants to fight with sirens? Like i said, sirens are not like demons most folks know. A siren can can soothe and calm or irritate and annoy. Always, though, she alarms. No one sleeps through a siren. Attempts to drown her out may occur but are not always successful. Take a big drink of water every five minutes if the visitation is after 8:30PM.

She needs hydration.

All of the women and lost souls do. We need hydration

Or is it lubrication?

I know i need fornication.

All of the men need an explanation or a realization.

When the sirens just want all their own relaxation on my bed or in my car or at my coffee table.


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