This heathen’s journey homeward is a lifetime loner’s trek to find nothing.

The truth is, I am home. This heathen has already come home.

Home in my hedonism.

Home in my mess.

Home in my chaos.

Home in my slop.

Home in the beauty of the imperfect unstable moments.

Home is my school. I learn here in the classroom by the sunshine and the sand even when I do not want anything but the dark clouds to reveal to me more shadow truths.

Come share a lesson with me…

5 Responses to About

  1. pierdolka says:

    Password protected.. That must be good… 😉
    Love your blog, so inspiring

  2. Kalvin W says:

    I think I L Y haha! I think I know who you are, how and why you write. Please help clear my thoughts.. I am in great denial until then, thanks!

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